More Than A Whelan
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A podcast where I ask you to give me creative prompts to write to. I write a piece and perform it on the show. It’s that simple. Feed me please.

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    Jessica Alice

    Sean is thrilled to lean into it and have a cerebral discussion with Jessica Alice about all things writing and also pay special tribute to Kat Muscat. Jessica Alice is a writer, broadcaster, artistic programmer and newly appointed director of Writers SA.

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    Malcolm Hill

    Sean speaks to The Mild (formally Wild) Bohemian that is musician Malcolm Hill. They speak of War and Peace, VHS tapes and Demis Roussos, among other things. Strap yourself in.

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    Andy Jackson

    More Than A Whelan goes regional for the very first time. Stepping outside the comfort zone of Castaway Studios and into an other worldly zone of a converted Chapel built over 150 years in Fryerstown to talk to poet Andy Jackson.

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    Brooke Russell

    We welcome one of Australia’s finest singer-songwriters in the form of the wonderful Brooke Russell. And we’re very honoured indeed to have Brooke Russell write and perform a brand new song exclusively for More Than A Whelan.

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    Cameron Semmens

    Cameron Semmens is the author of twenty one books. Twenty one! When's he's not writing poetry and making books, he's teaching workshops in poetry. He eats, breaths and drinks poetry 24/7 and he was an incredible pleasure to have a chat with.

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    Mantra and Omar Musa

    Thrilled to have our first MC’s in the house in the form of Mantra and Omar Musa. These two gentleman are not only extremely talented at everything they do, they’re also freaking hilarious. Have never laughed so much in the Castaway Studios!

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    Dogs ARE the best people

    Sean welcomes a very special guest into the studio for Episode 9.... himself! Sean flys solo for this episode and talks about Liner Notes Love, an event he co-founded and has co-produced for over ten years, alongside Michael Nolan and Emilie Zoey Baker.

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    Angela Meyer

    Sean is joined by literary blogger, publisher and writer Angela Meyer. Angela is the author of the newly released novel Superior Spectre.

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    Julitha Ryan

    We are very excited to have our very first musical performance live in Castaway Studios by the wonderful Julitha Ryan. Julitha performs a piece written exclusively for MTAW inspired by listener supplied creative prompts of Minder, 1234 123 and Everybody Thinks You're Dancing.

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    Alicia Sometimes

    Cherished poet, broadcaster, musician and all round legend [Alicia Sometimes][1] joins us in the studio as a very special guest. Alicia creates More Than A Whelan history by being the first guest to write a poem from creative prompts right there in the studio before our very eyes. Alicia also steps up to the More Than A Whelan challenge on a grand scale by writing a whole bunch of poems all inspired by our listener supplied creative prompts.

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